Discover fun things to do in Washington DC for your birthday to ensure your special day is truly unforgettable, from nightclub dancing to the cigar lounge.

The Ultimate Birthday Party in Washington D.C.

Thinking of heading to Washington DC for your next birthday? Looking for a memorable place to celebrate your special day? We’ve got you covered. 

Go beyond the iconic landmarks and check out these unique places to visit in Washington DC, perfect for birthday parties. Whatever you’re into, these activities will see you and your friends celebrating in unforgettable style. 

International Spy Museum

Go undercover in the world’s most exclusive city with a visit to the International Spy Museum in Washington DC. Channel your inner James Bond and spend the day testing your spy skills in interactive exhibits throughout the museum. Crack codes, spy on others, and – most importantly – maintain your undercover spy identity. 

Arguably one of the cooler places to have your birthday party, you’ll get the chance to come face to face with legendary spymasters, gadget makers, scientists, and engineers that have helped shape the world of espionage. Learn more about covert action techniques still used by spies today, and see the largest collection of international espionage artefacts ever placed on public display.

It doesn’t get much more exciting than stepping into the shoes of an undercover agent for your birthday. You’ll end your visit with a full mission debrief and leave with a new set of skills.

Bad Axe Throwing 

Your birthday is the perfect excuse to try something new and fun, and axe throwing certainly fits the bill. Bad Axe Throwing is one of the more quirky things to do in Washington DC. Grab your pals and challenge them to a competition like no other. 

A visit to Bad Axe Throwing will see you hurling axes in a fun environment with your very own private lane. A talented coach will introduce you to the sport, host a variety of games and finally, a tournament to crown the axe throwing champion. 

Bring along your own birthday cake and other snacks, or Bad Axe Throwing can provide you with a list of local vendors that come highly recommended for their grub. There are tables and even a fridge to keep everything fresh too. Great for larger groups, axe throwing is a fun activity whatever your skill level. You may even discover a new hidden talent.

Casa de Montecristo

A lively lounge that exudes luxury, Casa de Montecristo is another great place for a unique birthday party in Washington DC. The DC lounge and smoke shop is fully serviced, meaning you’ll also be able to enjoy a refreshing cocktail and bite to eat with your smoking experience. With tons of popular brands like Romeo y Julieta this well-stocked lounge caters to every style or taste, allowing you find the perfect birthday cigars to enjoy.

New to cigars? Don’t let that put you off - the Casa de Montecristo staff are on hand to offer their top recommendations and smoking tips. Our advice is to time your visit with happy hour and check out the special deals before you arrive. You can sip beers and snack on other treats for a tasty price. Keep your eyes peeled for their exclusive events that take place throughout the year too. 

The lounge is a fantastic way to get all your friends together for your special day in a relaxed, yet buzzing atmosphere that promises hours of fun.

The Magic Duel 

Rated as the city’s top comedy magic show and one of the best things to do in Washington DC, The Magic Duel is a special experience that goes far beyond the average magic show. If you still think that magic and tricks are just for kids, think again. The Magic Duel sees Mark Phillips and Ryan Phillips compete for the title of Best Magician, involving the audience from start to finish. 

Forgo the traditional ‘dinner and a show’ for your next birthday and step into the hilarious world of comedy and magic. Witness an epic battle at the Mayflower Hotel, where these two tricksters go head to head in this unpredictable event. The Magic Duel takes place in front of a small 50 person audience, meaning you’ll be involved with the action at every step of the show. A birthday activity in Washington DC that is bound to leave you spellbound. 


It wouldn’t be a true celebration without a bit of music and dancing, and Echostage is one of the most fun places to have a birthday party in Washington DC. Well known in the dance music scene, the nightclub and concert venue is perfect if you’re looking to let loose and boogie to some killer tracks. Echostage was voted the world’s number one nightclub in 2021, so it's no surprise the likes of Cardi B, Lorde, Sam Smith, and Miley Cyrus have all graced the venue. 

Echostage regularly hosts epic electronic dance music nights, organised by Club Glow. With confetti cannons, lasers, cryo jets, and a huge 14x40 LED screen, you’ll get a sense of the festival experience at whatever time of year you visit. 

One of the most premier birthday party places in Washington DC, make your event extra special with table service for you and your closest friends, enjoying the show with a stellar view from higher up. 

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