Monthly Samplers

May Sampler Specials

Each month, we offer big deals on exciting new cigar assortments that you're sure to enjoy. This month, choose from the premium ‘After Dinner Collection’ for $49.95, or the ‘Great Choice Sampler’ for only $29.95.

Featured Foursome

May Featured Foursome

The May Featured Foursome offers a premium assortment of cigars from some of the biggest and best brands on the market today! For only $19.95 (with qualifying purchase), you'll receive four outstanding handmade cigars from the industry-leading brands Cohiba, CAO Colombia, Excalibur and Uncharted!


Join Us For The #AgingRoomMoment Tour!

Join us on June 8th for the #AgingRoomMoment Tour, where you can enjoy special, store-only offers on singles and boxes of premium Aging Room, Oliveros and La Boheme cigars. Aging Room founder Rafael Nodal will be on-site, guiding attendees through the distinct taste and complexity of the latest and most lavish assortments of Aging Room Quattro F55, Aging Room M356, La Bohème, Aging Room Solera and the Oliveros Gran Retorno. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to share a smoke with one of the foremost leaders in boutique-styled, premium cigars!

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