How to throw a cigars themed Halloween party

When fall comes around, crisp orange leaves and the sweet aroma of pumpkin spice lattes blow in on a blustery breeze. As the nights shorten, shadows appear, and the spooky season creeps upon us, we begin to start planning festive celebrations. 

With everyone in costumes and frivolities at an all-time high, Halloween is the perfect occasion to throw a booze and cigars-themed party. It’s an excellent opportunity to gather your buddies for fun and entertainment, enjoy food and drink, play games, and kick back to light up a delightful premium stogie.

Party theme

When choosing a theme for your cigar-themed Halloween party, pick something that allows costumes to easily pair with cigars without them looking out of place.

An excellent example would be the TV show Peaky Blinders (2013), a British period crime drama that follows a gang’s exploits. Party guests can dust off their flat caps and waistcoats and indulge in acting the part of those crawling the lawless streets of 1920s Birmingham.

Set the scene of your party space with low lights, and even candle-lit tables spread with cards and poker chips for a Peaky Blinder’s casino. 

Alternatively, to create a variation of costumes among guests, you could ask party-goers to dress as any cigar-smoking character from the small or big screen.

This variation creaks open the door for multiple characters, including Al Capone from Capone (2020), the fictional superhero Hellboy (2004), and Abraham Ford from The Walking Dead (2010), among others. 

Don’t let the cigar-smoking theme hold you back with your usual Halloween tricks and treats. You can still decorate with carved pumpkins, harrowing skeletons, and ghostly ghouls to spook your guests. But if you really want to stick with the theme, there are ways to incorporate cigars, too.

Ideally, your premium smokes want to be the focus of the celebration. The goal is to have your guests kick back with a delicious cigar and create unforgettable memories forever associated with the delightful aroma of their chosen cigar. If you’re feeling particularly generous (enough to give out Halloween treats), why not pull out your personalized humidor for your guests to take their pick? It’s a great way to play the host at the same time as using cigars as decoration.

Food and drink

The main thing to remember when choosing food and drink for your Halloween party is how you can enhance your guest’s cigar choices when paired with the right drink and palate-pleasing dish.

Consider lightly salted almonds or cashews for snacks and appetizers. Nuts can enhance the taste of a medium-bodied smoke, something with sweet flavors can be the perfect match, leaving your guests satisfied with their food and smoke choices. Another excellent option for a snack would be foods that are mild in taste, as they don’t interfere with your palate too much and you can choose a mellow to medium-bodied cigar. Consider a prosciutto or cocktail shrimp for the perfect snack to pair with a cigar that carries smooth notes of cream and rich flavors.

Avoid overly salty foods like chips, cheeses, and salt-flavored pretzels. Snacking on things that are particularly salty carries the fearful risk of overpowering your palate and potentially ruining their smoking experience.

Great alcohol choices for pairing include whiskey, bourbon, and port, which can all stand up to a medium-full-bodied cigar choice. Expect to taste strong exceptional, flavors that enhance your palette and smoking experience in many ways.   

One thing to make guests aware of is that a full-bodied cigar demands a full-bodied flavored drink, like a dark rum. Opting for beverages like prosecco or champagne will appreciate a lighter cigar choice. The cigar choice and drink pairing does also depend on your personal taste preferences.

Entertainment and party games

Indulge in the theme of a haunted casino and gather your guests around the cauldron to conjure up an intense game of poker or blackjack.

To ensure the success of your cigar-themed Halloween party, it must be memorable. Gather for a night of laughter and good times with card games like Texas hold’em or Blackjack. These are great choices, requiring very little setup time and keeping everyone entertained throughout the evening.

Beer pong is another excellent game choice and can get intense when divided into teams. Your guests will thoroughly enjoy playing to make the other team drink while smoking away on their favorite stick.

What are party cigars?

The central theme of your Halloween party is your cigars, so lighting up a stogie is the best way to celebrate.

If you can afford to be a generous host, lay out an array of delicious party cigars for your guests to try. You should also encourage guests to bring a few favourite stogies to share, as you want a range of available options. 

For a party with cigars, always have mild, medium, and full-bodied available in your humidor. This way, you can be confident you’re accommodating both experienced and new cigar smokers, having something for everyone. 

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