Best Bachelor Party Ideas In NYC

Whether you’re the groom-to-be or the raucous best man, you want to plan an unforgettable bachelor party before the wedding day hits. 

Known as the city that never sleeps, the Big Apple is arguably one of the best places for you and your rag-tag team of eligible bachelors to party. Whether you’re taking it easy with some unique daytime activities or hoping to hit up every bar in Manhattan, you’ll find plenty of NYC attractions and events to make it a memorable trip. 

Discover the best bachelor party ideas in NYC to send the budding groom off into married life with style. 

Play golf on the green 

Golf is a classic sport to enjoy with a group of pals, whether you’re new to the game or a renowned lawn-goer. Before you kick off a heavy evening of typical bachelor party shenanigans, start your day by practicing your swing on the green. 

There’s plenty of public golf courses in NYC you can visit. Douglaston Golf Course is in the heart of Queens and can be easily reached from Grand Central Parkway or the Long Island Expressway. You’ll be treated to the typical country club experience without paying the usual sky-high prices. 

If you also fancy a taste of history while putting the ball, head to the Bronx to play at Van Cortlandt, the oldest golf course in America. 

Watch a basketball game 

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the country and attracts a wide audience of fans. If you’re looking for fun things to do in NYC for your bachelor party, then take a seat in Madison Square Garden stadium to catch a Knicks game. 

The season starts in December before taking a break in July, so you’ll have a chance to catch a competitive game during these months. Sling on your jersey and grab a hot dog to be amazed by the skills of major players like Randle and Noel. Each game offers a new buzz of excitement, and you’re likely to get swept up by the enthusiasm of the surrounding fans. 

Cruise NYC’s waterfront 

Get a new perspective of the city when you see it from the water. A booze cruise is one of the coolest things to do in NYC and is a great way to get the party started.

Rock the Yacht! is a boat tour company that lets your party in New York like you never have before. You’ll cruise around Manhattan for two-and-a-half hours, getting a spectacular view of NYC’s skyline while enjoying live DJ sets on deck. Raise a glass to the Statue of Liberty and make the most of party life on the water. 

Hit the arcade 

There’s no denying boys of their toys, and Modern Pinball NYC lets you raid the whole playroom. 

Whether you and your buddies grew up on Pac-Man or Donkey Kong, you’ll find all the classics down the flashing aisles of this arcade. Take your pick of more than 30 vintage machines and let the groom smash away the stress of wedding planning. Stroll in for a casual visit, or book out the arcade for yourselves so you don’t have to line up with the kids to try and save Princess Peach. 

Brew your own beer 

If the groom enjoys sinking the odd beer, then he’ll no doubt enjoy brewing his own pint from scratch. 

Take him along to Bitter & Esters in Brooklyn to test his skills as a brewer and potentially pick up a new hobby along the way. You’ll be taken through the entire process of brewing, including IPA’s, pilsners, and stouts. Take your hand-crafted beer home to enjoy later when it’s ready for sipping, and pick up store-brewed beer to chug while you’re there. 

Smoke stogies at the cigar lounge 

With the imminent wedding fast approaching, the groom will likely enjoy letting his stress fade into a cloud of smoke at the local cigar lounge. Start puffing at the Casa de Montecristo cigar lounge down 2nd Avenue in Manhattan

The lounge is spread across 2,000 square feet and welcomes guests to slide into a cozy booth and sample the finest rolls of tobacco. All cigars sold to visitors are stored in humidified cedar lockers to ensure they maintain their quality and unique flavor, allowing you and your group to smoke the finest bachelor party cigars.

The lounge features several widescreen HD TVs, so you can sit back and watch the game while enjoying a great variety of smokes. They'll help you feel like a true cigar connoisseur with premium brands like Padron and Oliva. You can also hire out the entire lounge for yourselves so that you can have a private bachelor party like no other. 

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