Make the most of Michigan’s Motor City when you discover the most fun things to do in Detroit, from axe throwing and cigar lounges to Henry Ford.

Fun things to do in and around Detroit

Detroit – Michigan’s Motor City is a buzzing hub devoutly adored by locals and tourists alike. Brimming with creatives, decorated with vibrant street art, and a quirky café, bar, or store on every corner, there are plenty of exciting and fun things to do in Detroit.

Whether you’re here for business or pleasure, there’s always time to do something unique while you’re here. We take you through some of the most fun things to do in Detroit, Michigan so you can make it a trip to remember. 

Be blown away at the Henry Ford Museum 

Born and raised in Michigan, Henry Ford was the founder of Ford Motor Company, one of the world's largest and most profitable motoring companies. His legacy largely lives on along our roads and at the Henry Ford Museum, one of the most fun places in Detroit.

Visit the museum to uncover the history of the automobile industry and the little-known secrets of Henry Ford himself. While here, you’ll be taken through the timeline of Ford by admiring developing models. Other vehicle exhibits include the bus Rosa Parks famously refused the sit in the back of and sections dedicated to the development of science and mathematics, a passion of the company founder.

Play golf on the green

When looking for fun stuff to do in Detroit, we recommend a day outside breathing in the fresh Michigan air by playing a round of golf. Evergreen Hills golf course in Southfield is a beautifully landscaped club just a 20-minute drive from Detroit.  

Golfers are welcomed to the sprawling lawns of the course to play a 9-hole game. The area boasts bent grass greens, fairways, and four tee boxes with varying lengths for different experience levels. You’ll be granted a wonderful view of the city from the first tee, then each hole gets a little greener. If you’ve golfed before, Evergreen Hills is the perfect place to dust off your clubs and get back into the game. If you’re new to the game, then you’ll have no trouble getting started here. 

Take in the sights on a river cruise 

If Michigan is the Great Lake State, then Detroit is the capital of it all. Perched along the banks of Lake St. Clair and flanked by Lake Erie and Lake Huron, the best way to see Detroit is from the water. 

Detroit Sails offer spectacular sailing tours along the Detroit River and out to Lake St. Clair. You’ll be out on the water for two hours, and reservations are available for up to groups of six. An exclusive and private experience, sailors are encouraged to bring their own bottle of fizz to enjoy some bubbles. You’ll have a fantastic view of the Downtown skyline and Belle Isle. 

Unleash your inner warrior with axe throwing 

Axe throwing in Detroit is one of the most exciting things you can do while you’re here. At Detroit Axe, you can experience the thrill of hammering an axe through the air to plunge straight into the wooden target. 

The venue boasts 12 target ranges, where you can go mad for a full hour. If you’ve never visited before, the axe masters will guide you through safety training and teach you expert tricks in hitting your target. Once you’ve gone over the basics, you can test your aim as you battle against your friends. 

Visit the local cigar lounge 

If you’re partial to a smoke, then you’ll enjoy a visit to the Casa de Montecristo cigar lounge in Southfield. Run by some of the most knowledgeable tobacconists in the business, you’re guaranteed a signature experience. 

You’ll need to walk through the store to get to the lounge area, where you can marvel at the vast selection of premium cigars, such as Montecristo and Oliva. Once you’re sat comfortably, the experts will select you a deluxe wrap to enjoy in peace. Fancy taking some stogies home to enjoy later? Spend some time perusing the shelves for your signature flavor. 

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