Cigars as Wedding Favors

Marriage is a meaningful experience that marks the beginning of a journey with your partner. Getting married symbolizes a celebration of love, commitment, and bringing two people together. The wedding is a union and gathering of close friends and family, filled with love, laughter, and plenty of emotions.

Cigars for wedding favors

Wedding favors are a classic touch to end a wonderful celebration of the bride and groom. Favors can be anything you want them to be if it shows your appreciation for your guests, as they provide an atmosphere of warmth and connection on your special day.

Favors don’t have to be too wild, just a small gift of appreciation and a token of gratitude for attending. Cigars as wedding favors are perfect for your guests, especially for your fellow cigar-smoking friends and family members. After a wedding day of dancing and celebrating, your guests can all kick back together to enjoy a smoke as the sun dips below the horizon, lighting up their gifted stogie to enjoy exceptional flavors as the night draws in.

These notes on the palate instantly become synonymous with a beautiful day full of love, joy, and cherished memories with family and friends.

Romeo Y Julieta 

Country of Origin: Nicaragua

Wrapper Type: Nicaragua

Binder: Nicaragua

Filler: Nicaragua

Strength: Medium-full

Sizes Available:

 5 × 50

 6 × 54

 6 × 60

 7 × 50

Romeo Y Julieta is the perfect match for your wedding favors. Named after the classic love story of Romeo and Juliet, this premium smoke is suited to the occasion of love.

This blend is made from expertly-aged Nicaraguan tobacco and hand rolled in the Dominican Republic. It carries delicious notes of coffee, spice, cinnamon, charred wood, and sweet cedar notes that are perfectly balanced and carry an element of complexity. This cigar is cloaked in a silky-smooth wrapper and has a rich dark brown complexion.

Romeo Y Julieta provides a smooth draw, perfect for your guests to pause and reflect on such an unforgettable wedding day. The essence of this love story smoke will forever be synonymous with your special day.

Davidoff Aniversario Series

Country of Origin: Dominican Republic

Wrapper Type: Ecuador Connecticut

Binder: Dominican Republic

Filler: Dominican Republic

Strength: Medium-Full

Sizes Available:

 6 × 50

 4.88 × 52

The Davidoff Aniversario series is a luxurious, super-premium smoke and the perfect wedding favor, inviting all to savor moments of indulgence and celebration.

This cigar burns tasty notes of cocoa, cedar, toasted almond, dried fruit, and nougat — something all your guests may enjoy. Complemented by a buttery texture, these exceptional flavors gently wash over the palate.

It’s carefully constructed with a delicious Ecuador Connecticut wrapper and layered with the finest Dominican tobaccos — your guests will enjoy every memorable puff. It lights up your palate with joy and celebration. Guests can experience the delicious flavors of the Davidoff Aniversario Series that will be synonymous with your unforgettable day. The best cigars for a wedding depend on the memories you are wishing to capture. If you’re looking to share cigars with your groomsmen Casa de Montecristo has you covered.

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