Cigars to Share With Your Groomsmen

Smoking cigars has traditionally been a symbol of success or celebration, and celebrations don’t come much bigger than a wedding. The perfect partner to your big day, a celebratory stogie tastes even better in the company of your closest friends and relatives.

For all the clinking glasses, fabulous floral arrangements, and overriding emotion of love and happiness that gushes from a wedding day, there’s also got to be an element of fun to your fairy tale. Nothing says fun and sophistication more than a premium cigar to commemorate an experience that’s often (and hopefully) once in a lifetime. 

Is cigar smoking a wedding tradition?

Even though historians generally believe the cigar was invented by the ancient Mayans, the origin of cigars as part of a celebration ritual is not as clear-cut. Over time, indulging in a cigar has connoted many things for different people.

It became associated with moments of reflection, relaxing, personal success, and of course, socializing. Given that cigars are designed to burn slow, it allowed people to enjoy cigars together and form an unbreakable bond. This pastime soon became connected with milestones, memories, and celebrations such as weddings.

It's possible that puffing on a stogie amidst these magical moments followed on from the custom of giving away cigars to celebrate the birth of a child. This tradition became common in the latter part of the 17th century. Cigars were a precious commodity, to be treasured and protected at all costs. In many cases, they stood on an equal footing (if not higher pedestal) than the currency of the land.

When a man parted with a cigar, it was a statement of deep emotional appreciation. The birth of a child, especially a boy, meant the continuation of the family name, a child instilled with masculine wisdom, and confirmation of the father’s virility. The men could get together and celebrate the birth by smoking and sharing cigars.

Bonding over cigars in the wake of life-changing events explains the correlation between happy times and smoking cigars. Weddings are one of the best events to light up a cigar, particularly as you’ll be spending a lot of quality time with your groomsmen.

Of course, being the groom often comes with wedding jitters and performance anxiety. Whether your apprehension stems from the thought of meeting and welcoming people, public speaking, or simply being the center of attention, you can always count on the power of a cigar to see you through.

Best time to smoke cigars on your wedding day

In our eyes, there’s never a bad time to smoke a cigar, but even the most die-hard stogie enthusiasts will refrain from lighting up during their ceremony. Nobody (including your better half) wants cigar fumes wafting through the air as they recite and listen to the all-important vows and readings.

Once your groomsmen have got you to the ceremony in good time, why not fire up a world-class stogie to calm the anxiety? It will also provide some last-minute bonding time between you and your groomsmen before you commit your life to your future wife or husband.

There’s nothing stopping you from raising a toast with a cigar in hand during the speeches. If you’re feeling especially generous, you can go all out and provide cigars for the entire wedding party. After all, when you celebrate this momentous occasion, you go big on every little detail, so why not give the same treatment to your cigars?

Once you’ve enjoyed champagne and feasted through the wedding breakfast, it’s time to cut loose on the dance floor. If you run out of moves or simply need a break to replenish your energy levels, take the time to enjoy a smoke with your nearest and dearest. Recap your favorite memories of the day as you puff away on a special cigar. You will then be reminded of these special times every time you pluck this specific smoke from your humidor.

Gifting cigars to your groomsmen

The job of being one of the groomsmen comes with its fair share of duties and responsibilities. From planning the bachelor party, to attending suit fittings and keeping the rings in safe hands, it’s a fulfilling yet demanding role.

It’s a tradition that grooms give gifts as a token of their appreciation and gratitude. It needs to be something that they’re excited to open, whether that means it’s practical, sentimental, or simply a barrel of laughs. Wallets, cufflinks, and watches are all popular choices. Think about your band of groomsmen and their interests and personalities. If they like cigars, even better.

Cigars to gift your groomsmen

As your groomsmen are doing their utmost to give you the best (and most stress-free) day possible, only the very best cigar wedding gifts will suffice to match their dapper suits and tuxes.

If buying individual cigars for each of your groomsmen isn’t lighting your stogie, our cigar bundles will give you more spending (and smoking) power when it comes to finding the right groomsmen cigar set.

They say variety is the spice of life, so why not gift a sample of top-notch cigars for your groomsmen to try? Each boasting their own distinctive construction, flavor profile, and blend.

Whether you’re a new or experienced smoker, come speak to our knowledgeable tobacconists at your local Casa de Montecristo, and they’ll make sure you’re armed with the best groomsmen cigars to gift on your special day.

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