Cigar etiquette on the beach

The beach is the perfect place to kick back and catch some rays. Beaches also offer opportunities to go surfing, play beach volleyball, sunbathe, swim, and plenty of more activities to entertain yourself or your family.

For cigar smokers, however, our hobby needs a bit more thought behind it. Smoking cigars at the beach carries a few unspoken rules you should keep in mind to ensure a pleasant experience for you and those around you. 

Be respectful and courteous

When lighting up on the beach, the key thing to remember is to always be respectful and courteous to others. Similar to all social situations, it’s an appreciated gesture. If someone expresses discomfort with your cigar smoking, consider their perspective and move away from them.

Check local regulations 

Local regulations are significant to follow when lighting up a hearty smoke at the beach. Some beaches restrict smoking, so it’s always worth checking if you can legally smoke there to avoid any problems. Some beaches also provide designated smoking areas to enjoy your smoke peacefully with no issues.

Wind direction

When you arrive at the beach, you need to consider if there is a slight breeze. No matter how soft the breeze is, this will determine where your smoke is carried. When lighting up, be aware not to impact others with your smoking experience and try to sit further away from them if possible to always be polite and accommodating.

Dispose of your cigar correctly

When you’ve had your final draw, and the cigar is finished, ensure you dispose of the remains properly and don’t leave any cigar stubs lying around, as this can harm the environment and make the beach appear untidy.

Learning cigar etiquette for the beach is key to a unique beach smoking experience and once you’ve learned these rules you can select your chosen premium smoke. We’ve chosen some good cigars for the beach to help you make the most of a beach vacation.

Royal Jamaica PDR

Country of Origin: Dominican Republic

Wrapper Type: Ecuador Corojo

Binder: Ecuador Habano

Filler: Dominican Republic

Strength: Medium

Sizes Available:

·        5 × 52

·        6 × 47

·        6 × 52

First choice is the Royal Jamaica PDR. This is a handcrafted premium cigar with a closed foot that provides an excellent taste of a top-quality Ecuadorian Corojo wrapper. Expertly crafted in three popular sides to accommodate a range of smokers’ needs. This delightful smoke is cloaked in a special Ecuador Corojo wrapper and complemented with a delicious Ecuadorian Habano binder and aged Dominican long-fillers.

When kicking back to light up this cigar expect beginning notes of peppery spice and begin to experience medium-bodied notes of cedar, coffee, leather, earth, and roasted nuts. This premium smoke is not one to be missed and is a suitable smoke at any time of day throughout your beach visit.

Trinidad Espiritu

Country of Origin: Nicaragua

Wrapper Type: Nicaragua

Binder: Nicaragua

Filler: Nicaragua

Strength: Medium - Full

Sizes Available:

·        5 × 50

·        6 × 54

·        6 × 60

·        7.5 × 40

The Trinidad Espiritu is a Cuban feature blend of the finest well-aged Nicaraguan tobaccos. It’s a premium stick that offers smokers an exceptionally rich full-bodied smoke with vibrant and complex notes. When lighting up this cigar, you’ll experience delicious notes of pepper, toast, wood, vanilla, and slight dashes or bright citrus zest accompanied by a sweet aroma. This premium cigar is specially blended to capture the essence of a ‘golden era’ of the premium cigar industry and carries the spirit of the Caribbean with every puff. 

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