Best Things To Do In And Around Washington D.C.

Whether you’re here to uncover history and politics or looking for something unique to do on vacation, the capital of the USA has it all. 

Explore the city’s many museums and monuments, explore historic neighborhoods, indulge in the arts, and discover unique nightlife experiences. No matter which street you venture down, there’s plenty of things to do in Washington D.C.

Let’s take a deep dive into the best things to do in Washington D.C., so you don’t miss a thing.

National Mall

America’s most iconic lawn is a must-see; look in one direction to take in the towering Washington Monument and glance the other way to admire the White House, home to the US President. From here, you’re surrounded by world-renowned historical sites and magnificent memorials to some of the country’s most famous figures. 

Sit back on the lush green grass to soak up the history and power surrounding the National Mall. 

Library of Congress 

Immerse yourself into a world of books within the world’s largest library. The Library of Congress sits on Capitol Hill and boasts more than 170-million manuscripts written by some of the greatest wordsmiths in history. 

The library is spread across three vast sections, each more grand than the last. Breathe in the sweet-musk of pages as you peruse the mahogany shelves, then settle down in one of the reading rooms. The library hosts literary events throughout the year, so be sure to see what’s on when you’re visiting. See the very best of the library and be guaranteed the best experience through the pages when you reserve a guided tour.

Langston Golf Course 

You’ll find several public golf courses in D.C., but Langston Golf Course is arguably the most lavish and accessible. You can reach the golf course via Independence Avenue, where the lush lawns stretch to the banks of Kingman Lake. 

Langston Golf Course features a fantastic driving range with more than 30 available stalls. Take your pick of well-priced bucket sizes, ranging from 34 balls to 136. 

As you’d expect, Langston also boasts a tremendous 18-hole course spread across a vast green carpet of rolling hills. You can choose to play nine holes, but you’ll get a better appreciation of the course when you tackle all 18. 

US Capitol 

The US Capitol is home to the American legislature and is the base for many monumental moments throughout US history. Perched atop Capitol Hill, this is where the United States Congress gathers to debate and declare laws. 

It’s one of the best places to visit in Washington D.C., so it’s worth reserving a guided tour. Admire the iron table famously used by President Lincoln during his second inauguration and peek at the banners retrieved from the suffragette movement. To stand in front of or to walk through the US Capitol is to be a part of America’s rich heritage.

Book your visit on the Capitol’s official website.

Supreme Court of the United States 

The Supreme Court is one of the three pillars upholding the US Government, and it sits right here in the capital. 

This magnificent building resembles the great temples of ancient Greece, featuring 24 marble columns. It is the nation’s highest court and serves as a symbolic structure for our binding laws. While certain rooms are often occupied for official business, visitors can explore the court Monday-Friday between 9 am and 4:30 pm. 

Step through the courtroom to marvel at the seat of power. Depending on the day you visit, you may be lucky enough to catch one of the many exhibits or Courtroom Lectures. You might even have a chance to sit and watch a trial during court sessions, but these sessions can fill up quickly. 

Make sure to see the statue of John Marshall, the most influential chief of justice of the Supreme Court who played a leading role in setting the foundations of judicial power.

Plan your visit to the Supreme Court via its official website.


This historic neighborhood was first founded in 1751 and features some of the city’s oldest buildings. 

Every cobblestoned and oak tree-lined street has an air of the old European-style, with some of Washington’s best sights around nearly every corner. Head down M Street to indulge in retail therapy before grabbing a bite to eat in one of the many restaurants and cafes along Prospect Street. 

A bus tour through Georgetown is one of the most fun things to do in Washington D.C. and is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. You’ll pass gorgeous mansions from the 18th and 19th centuries and even get to peek at the once-home of JFK, the 35th President of the United States. 

A stroll along the waterfront is a must to be granted the most picturesque view of the neighborhood. You’ll no doubt see local joggers and cyclists, but also kayakers gliding along the river. There are plenty of pleasant picnicking spots in Waterfront Park, as well as walking trails and even a labyrinth to explore.

Lincoln Memorial 

President Abraham Lincoln was America’s 16th leader of the country, and his name is now well-known around the globe. Famed for abolishing slavery, this great president is eternally memorialized in a 100-foot tall depiction of his likeness. 

Construction for the memorial began in 1914, 49 years after President Lincoln’s assassination. It was designed by renowned architect Henry Bacon to resemble the Doric temples commonly seen in Greek architecture. Every inch of the structure is symbolic, with 36 columns representing the 36 states within Lincoln’s union. 

You’ll see the memorial as soon as you step on the National Mall. President Lincoln’s enormous statue is on the west end of the lawn, where he sits and gazes across the famous Reflecting Pool. As well as the man himself, the memorial also serves as a symbol for the Civil Rights movement, as it was where Martin Luther King Jr. gave his famous “I Have a Dream” speech.

Make sure the head to the lower level to explore the museum, which boasts fascinating exhibits on the life of President Lincoln.

Plan your visit through the official National Park Service website

The White House 

Arguably the most important place to visit in Washington D.C., the White House is symbolic of US leadership. Home to the American President, this dominating structure is entirely breathtaking.

Surrounded by lavish gardens and parks, the White House sits at the heart of the city near the banks of the Potomac River. The site was chosen by George Washington himself in 1791, and Irish-born James Hoban was the architect behind it. Inspired by the neoclassical Leinster House in Dublin, the idea was for the structure to be both grand yet simple. 

The elected president’s home boasts 132 rooms and 35 bathrooms across 5,100 square feet. Iconic rooms such as the Cabinet Room and the social secretary’s office are spread across three spacious floors, with every corridor and staircase manned at all times. Visitors won’t see the Second Floor, as this hosts the president's living quarters and their family. 

It is possible to tour some of the White House, but tours must be reserved in advance through a member of Congress. However, the visitor center is open year-round. You’ll find it in the Patent Search Room of the Department of Commerce Building, which features many exhibits and artifacts on all of America’s presidents.


Just a 10-minute drive from the National Mall across the 14th Street Bridge, Ultrazone is the best laser tag in D.C. 

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Casa de Montecristo 

The city offers plenty of venues to eat and drink, but here you can do it all. The Casa de Montecristo Washington cigar lounge is a full-service bar where guests can enjoy delicious meals and a whiskey-chaser while puffing on a stogie from one of their finest brands like Montecristo and Arturo Fuente.

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