The Best Cigars for Your Golf Outing

Golf outings can be a fantastic way to spend the weekend. Whether playing recreationally or competitively, you can be sure to enjoy your game with a hearty smoke.

The game of golf aims to complete the course in as few puts as possible. Once you’ve nailed an understanding of the different clubs, uses, and terrain, you’ll be the next Tiger Woods.

Golf courses are among the few remaining public spaces where lighting up a delightful stogie is deemed acceptable. These two activities go hand-in-hand as being luxurious.

If you’re not sure of the unspoken rules around the practices of golf and cigars, it can be an overwhelming to start pairing them together.

Let’s look at some of the best golf course cigars so your next game is smoking.

Famous golfers who enjoy a smoke

Throughout the many years of golf tournaments and intense significant championships, there has been plenty of professional golfers, but not many have enjoyed a stogie on the golf course.

Golfers who have smoked cigars while playing golf include Jack Nicklaus, nicknamed the Golden Bear. Nicklaus is an American professional golfer and is seen by many as one of the greatest golfers of all time. Winning 18 major championships, 19 second place finishes, and nine third place finishes over a 25-year career, he has certainly earned that perception.

Another cigar-smoking golfer is Miguel Angel Jimenez, a Spanish professional golfer. He has won numerous tournaments worldwide, including 21 titles on the European Tour since turning professional in 1982. Jimenez is fond of life's most enjoyable pleasures, such as wine and cigars, and has been known to spark up a premium Cohiba between holes on the golf course.

These celebrity golfers aren't afraid to light up during a game and continue to enjoy a smoke throughout. Walk in these great golfers' footsteps across the lawns and explore our golfing cigars. We offer a fine selection of smokes to, allowing you to find the best mild cigars for your next golfing trip, or something that packs a bit more punch if that’s your preference.

Best cigars to smoke while golfing

Golfing is an enjoyable sport, especially when being competitive with your best buddies. Golf games can take a while, so you will need to consider the length and burn of your cigar and make sure it matches the flow of your game.

Good cigars can improve anyone’s golf game — at the very least, they ease the frustration if you’re on a losing streak. We’ve chosen the best smokes for a top-quality golfing experience.

Perdomo Reserve 10th Anniversary

Country of Origin: Nicaragua

Wrapper Type: Nicaragua

Binder: Nicaragua

Filler: Nicaragua

Strength: Medium - Full

Sizes Available:

·        6 x 54

·        7 x 54

·        7 x 54

The Perdomo Reserve 10th Anniversary box is a perfectly box pressed cigar. Handcrafted to the finest quality and featuring a delicious Nicaraguan binder and filler, it  provides a medium-to-full bodied burn that will leave you satisfied with every puff. These luxury cigars are laced with buttery smooth notes of chocolate, leather, espresso, and white pepper, with a hint of rich tobacco sweetness on the finish.

Order a box of 25 from Casa de Montecristo today for delivery or pick up at your local store, then count on coming back for more of these amazing cigars from Perdomo.

Cohiba Macassar

Country of Origin: Dominican Republic

Wrapper Type: Connecticut Havana

Binder: Connecticut Broadleaf

Filler: Dominican Republic / Nicaragua

Strength: Medium

Sizes Available:

·        6 x 52

·        6 x 60

·        7.25 x 54

A Cohiba Macassar is If you’re looking for an exceptionally delicious hand-crafted smoke, we’d recommend to try the Cohiba Macassar. Carefully constructed with a Nicaraguan and Dominican filler, these tasty tobaccos are swaddled in a bold Connecticut binder, creating an unforgettable smoking experience.

Once lit, this cigar burns incredible notes of coffee, cedar, baker's spice, and leather. Each tobacco leaf has been aged for four years or more in the Dominican rub barrels. This marination creates a unique luscious aroma of spice and wood. It’s an incredible stogie that is available in three sizes. Choose a Cohiba Macassar and experience an element of Cohiba's incredible quality and style.

Diamond Crown Maximus

Country of Origin: Dominican Republic

Wrapper Type: Ecuador

Binder: Dominican Republic

Filler: Dominican Republic

Strength: Strong

Sizes Available:

·        5 x 50

·        6.38 x 50

·        6 x 50

·        7 x 50

Experience one of the finest ultra-premium cigar lines when you pick up a Diamond Crown Maximus. This cigar is gently constructed with Dominican long filler and binder tobaccos to provide full-bodied smoke and is described as the best in the industry.

Expect delicious notes of bittersweet chocolate, leather, charred wood, and savory spice throughout the slow burn. The Maximus is dressed in a zesty, oily Ecuadorian sun-soaked wrapper complemented by an intricate, sophisticated band. It’s a luxury cigar that provides an exceptional smoking experience and is the perfect companion for those winning swings.

Golfing requires skill and technique. Like smoking a cigar, it’s a fine art, and pairing both together can be your new match made in heaven. Playing golf and having the satisfaction of hitting a good shot can be elevated by puffing on a tasty cigar. At Casa de Montecristo, we can offer the perfect smoke for your golfing trip.

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