Make your next date night one to remember when you discover the most romantic things to do in Dallas. From ice skating to cigar lounges, Dallas has it all.

Six Unique Date Ideas in Dallas

Whether it’s your first time meeting or you’ve been married for decades, date nights are a fun and important part of any relationship. Going out for dates on a regular basis helps keep the spark between you alive and gives you both chance to learn or experience something new together. It might seem like any old night, but how you spend your date night in Dallas can make all the difference in your relationship. 

If you want to make your date one neither of you will ever forget, then you’ll want for nothing in this city. There are so many things to do and places to go in Dallas, so you’ve got a vast variety of options. From perfect first-date ideas in Dallas to unique and obscure experiences to do as a couple, this city has it all. 

To give you the best chance, we’ve created a guide on some of the best things to do in Dallas for couples. You’ll create wonderful memories that you’ll carry throughout the rest of your time together. 

Couples massage class 

If you’re looking for date ideas in Dallas, why not take a class so you can learn together. And what better lesson can you learn than showing each other love. 

Sterling Day Spa offers a range of an extensive range of treatments, but they also host massage classes. Join the licensed massage therapists for a couples class and you’ll be able to treat each other with relaxing deep tissue massages at home. You’ll be taught exactly how to massage the neck, shoulders, and back, as well as arms, legs, and feet. It’s a wonderfully relaxing way to spend date night in Dallas that you’ll both benefit from for years to come. 

Gondola ride in Las Colinas 

It might not be Venice, but Gondola rides are as good for romantic dates in Dallas as they are in Italy. 

Take a 20-minute drive from Dallas to Las Colinas along the I-35E N for a romantic private gondola ride with Gondola Adventures. You’ll pass under quaint bridges and past riverside cafes when you saunter along the Mandalay Canal and Lake Carolyn. 

Cruises last an hour and vary in price depending on your chosen package. The Classic Cruise is a simple yet enjoyable experience, while others offer food as you sail. 

Ice skating at the Galleria

Enjoy a magical winter wonderland experience no matter the time of year at the Galleria Dallas Ice Skating Center

Strap on your skates and glide out on to the rink hand-in-hand for a romantic date in Dallas. Whether you’ve been together for years or are just getting to know each other, you’ll no doubt love an afternoon on the ice. Show off your best tricks or laugh together as struggle to stay upright. One of the many first-date ideas in Dallas, this one is sure to help you break the ice. 

Feed baby goats 

If your date is an animal lover and you really want to impress them, take them along to Bonton Farms. As well as being a fun thing to do in Dallas while catching some fresh air, you’ll also get to meet the lovely farm residents. 

The farm started out as a small garden lot, before developing into a large community space that hosts nutritional courses and cooking classes for visitors. Aside from vegetables, Bonton Farm is home to a friendly herd of goats. You and your date can sign up for an afternoon of volunteering, where you can look after the goats and even feed them. 

Traipse through the Japanese Garden 

A leisurely stroll around the Japanese Garden is one of the best things to do in Dallas for a relaxing date. The glittering ponds and colorful trees will make a wonderfully romantic backdrop to your date and give you chance to enjoy a moment of zen. It’s a beautiful and serene place, that you may even want to return here should you ever like to pop the big question. 

Drinks and stogies at the cigar lounge 

No two couples are the same, and some pairs prefer to try something a little different for their date night in Dallas. If your date has a sophisticated side, take them to the local cigar lounge. 

Casa de Montecristo offers a luxurious full-service cigar lounge in Dallas. They’re known for their extensive selection of premium, hand-rolled cigars, such as Montecristo and Oliva which the on-site experts can help you choose from. Take a seat either at the bar or in a plush leather armchair and they’ll ask you for your flavor preferences. All cigars are stored in cedar humidified lockers, so you know you’ll only get a fresh toke. Enjoy your cigars after you order food and enjoy them with hand-crafted cocktails from the bar. 

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