Choosing cigars for your bachelor party

A bachelor party is a big celebration held in honor of the groom. It’s a milestone to commemorate his transition into married life. The idea of this celebration is to provide a memorable experience before the responsibilities of marriage begin.

Whether you’re a groom-to-be or the groom’s best man, you want to plan this occasion to be a memorable and adventurous bachelor party of celebration. And let’s not forget, this final blowout can be paired with some unforgettable smokes.

Why have cigars at a bachelor party?

The tradition of having cigars at a bachelor party is essential. Spend time with your close friends and family, kick back, and enjoy some games and great conversations as you experience the smooth burn of a cigar before the wedding date arrives.

Cigars are also a fantastic gift to you and your bachelors, as you can pair your smoke with a nice glass of scotch. You can be sure to enjoy the complementary flavors of a tasty cigar.

Smoking cigars at a bachelor party can also create fellowship among the attendees and bring you all closer together. Enjoying an authentic bachelor experience is not complete without a cigar, and friends and family enjoying a delicious smoke is the perfect way to kick off wedding celebrations.

Depending on the type of bachelor party you wish to have, the fun and entertainment of bar hopping, enjoying food and drink, and playing games can never be quite finalized without the tradition of kicking back and lighting up a stogie.

Cigars can be smoked anytime throughout the celebrations — before, during the party, or as a fantastic end to a wild night.

Choosing the right cigars for party attendees

When buying cigars for bachelor party attendees, you should always consider the type of smokers your attendees are. Have they smoked before? Are they established in the world of cigars? The best bachelor party cigars are those that suits your attendees the best, as you want to be sure it’s an enjoyable experience for all. 

If your guests haven’t smoked before, you should opt for a mellow to medium-bodied smoke. A Diamond Crown Robusto No. 3 can be a fantastic choice, as it offers mellow-medium strength, which is a great place to start for beginners. This exceptional smoke also carries tasty notes of roasted nuts, earth, leather, and hints of sweet cream.

Another excellent choice for beginners is a Montecristo Classic No. 2. This is simple mellow smoke with delicious flavors of nuts, cedar, earth, and sweet cream. It’s great to have more than one option so your attendees can choose the most appealing smoke, based on their personal taste preferences. 

However, if your party attendees are established cigar smokers, you can go straight in with a medium-full-bodied smoke. For this kind of smoking experience, we recommend a Muestra de Saka Unstolen Valor. This full-bodied smoke provides complex notes of pepper, baking spices, cedar, and a hint of espresso. 

Following our recommendations for buying cigars for a bachelor party and knowing the smoking status of your attendees can provide you with confidence that your guests will enjoy every puff. 

Why attending cigar lounge should be part of your bachelor party

When celebrating this special occasion, adding a stop or even celebrating your bachelor party at a cigar lounge is a great idea if the groom is a cigar smoker. This allows for kicking back and enjoying a tasty smoke.

At Casa de Montecristo, we offer only the best for bachelor parties. You can hire a room, experience a full-service bar, and order beer, wine, spirits, and even cocktails to enjoy with your chosen smokes.

Benefit from our expert onsite knowledge, and our tobacconists will hand pick your stogie and recommend the perfect pairing for you and all your bachelors. 

With 15 different cigar lounges, find the closest one to you and hire your private room today for an unforgettable bachelor party experience.

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