Celebrating Graduation with Cigars

Graduating from college is one of life’s happiest and most exciting milestones and is a staple of personal achievement.

Graduation is also a special chance to gather family and friends together and celebrate the achievement of being educated to a high level. Celebrate one of life’s happiest and most exciting times by indulging in a tasty smoke with the important people in your life.

If you aren’t the one graduating, gifting cigars for graduation is a fantastic choice for a present — they’re the perfect 'congratulations' staple and a great way to celebrate educational success.

Smoking cigars at graduation is traditional, as cigars are synonymous with good times and celebratory occasions, and it’s only suitable to mark the occasion with spectacular smoke. Gather your loved ones and celebrate the start of a new chapter with friends and family as you light up a tasty graduation cigar from Casa de Montecristo.

Why do people smoke cigars at graduation?

If you’ve ever experienced a graduation ceremony, you may have noticed recent grads sparking up cigars at graduation. Cigar smoking at graduations originated from Native Americans traditions, as smoking for the celebration of life-changing events has historically been commonplace in Native American cultures.

Cigars are often smoked to celebrate marriage, birth, death, and the elevation of social rank. After years of hard work, graduates will light up a cigar to celebrate receiving their diploma.

Whether you’ve completed your undergrad degree, an MBA, or medical or law school, lighting a good cigar is one of the best ways to relish a significant accomplishment. At Casa de Montecristo, we have chosen some of the best cigars available to celebrate with.

Best cigars to smoke at graduation

When the big day arrives, whether it’s your special day or celebrating someone else, you can be sure there is a cigar to suit the occasion. Lighting up a stogie to mark the end of your degree can enhance your graduation experience, whether this is a smoke at the ceremony or a smoke at the after-celebrations. We’ve picked some of the best cigars to light up on this joyous occasion.

Arturo Fuente

Country of Origin: Dominican Republic

Wrapper Type: Cameroon / Connecticut Broadleaf / Connecticut Shade

Binder: Dominican Republic

Filler: Dominican Republic

Strength: Medium

Sizes Available: Multiple sizes available

Starting with a tasty Arturo Fuente, this mellow-medium-bodied smoke boasts exceptional flavors and is a legendary cigar. It provides a range of diverse blends containing carefully selected, aged to perfection, and meticulously hand-rolled premium tobacco sourced from the Dominican Republic.  

The Arturo Fuente is mellow-medium in strength and is known to carry lush notes of leather, sweet spice, cocoa, cinnamon, and cedar. These exceptional flavors are perfect for a celebratory occasion and can enhance your taste buds and your special graduation day.

Crowned heads

Country of Origin: Nicaragua

Wrapper Type: Ecuador Habano

Binder: Nicaragua

Filler: Costa Rica / Nicaragua

Strength: Medium-Full

Sizes Available:

·        6 x 54

·        6.38 x 50

·        6 x 46

·        5.38 x 52

Crowned Heads is a premium cigar brand that offers a range of medium-bodied cigars. The range carries various notes depending on your chosen smoke. These cigars are cloaked in a luxury Ecuadorian Corojo wrapper and filled with the finest tobacco. If you choose a Le Careme, you can expect delicious notes of dark chocolate, caramel, sweet spices, leather, dried fruit, and espresso that pair perfectly with a savory celebratory dessert.

All of Crowned Heads’ cigars pay homage to a point in history where there was pride in craftsmanship, integrity, and quality. This cigar is exclusive to Casa de Montecristo as the Crowned Head brand is focused on being exclusive to selected stores to ensure smokers receive nothing but the best.

HVC Cigars

Country of Origin: Nicaragua

Wrapper Type: San Andres Mexican / Nicaragua

Binder: Nicaragua

Filler: Nicaragua

Strength: Medium

Sizes Available: Multiple sizes available

Celebrate your graduation with an HVC cigar. This exceptional smoke carries a medium-strength burn wrapped in a delicious San Andreas Mexican wrapper. If you prefer a Nicaraguan wrapper, choose the anniversary year smokes to experience a seamless oily wrapper and luscious notes of earth, cinnamon, and leather.

With every draw, these cigars will provide you with a flavorful journey to the Aganorsa Farms in Nicaragua, where some of the premium tobaccos for this artisanal blend were grown. Expertly rolled and providing an unforgettable taste, this is the perfect cigar for celebrating graduation.

Graduation shows great drive, motivation, and passion for learning, and once you’ve graduated college, the world is yours. Close this chapter of life right with a celebratory cigar and embrace the flavors of an exceptional smoke from Casa De Montecristo.

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