Why Cigars Would Make an Excellent Gift for the Woman in Your Life

Deciding on a gift for the woman in your life can be tricky. Whether for a birthday present or a celebratory occasion, you want to ensure you get it right.

For the woman who appreciates the finer things, gifting a cigar is more than just a present — it’s a recognition of her confidence, independence, and admirable taste.

Cigar smoking carries a rich historical legacy. Typically, smoking has been heavily intertwined with perceptions of masculinity and male-dominated activities like social clubs, business meetings, and celebrations.

Thankfully, attitudes towards cigar smoking have changed, and it’s no longer exclusive to masculine pastimes. For many women, puffing on a stogie is more than a leisure activity, but instead symbolizes empowerment and independence.

This act can also represent breaking away from the traditional gender norms that have historically confined them.

Join us as we explore some of the best cigars for women on the market.

The history of women and smoking

If we dive into the history of women and cigars, it all began in the 20th century. Smoking was seen as corrupt and inappropriate for women, which led to strict laws to prevent them from smoking.

In 1904, Jennie Lasher was sentenced to 30 days in jail for smoking in the presence of her children. Subsequently, the New York City Board of Aldermen passed an authoritative order 1908 prohibiting women from smoking in public, followed by a similar proposal in the District of Columbia in 1921.

However, World War I invited change. Women entered the workforce and began working the jobs of men who had gone to war. As well as taking up these traditionally male-dominated roles, they also started smoking like men, despite still being considered taboo.

Cigarette companies began selectively advertising to women in the late 1920s. The president of the American Tobacco Company, George Washington Hill, recognized the market potential.

Hill hired Edward Bernays, the ‘father’ of public relations, to assist with a groundbreaking campaign. Bernays hired women to march in the 1929 Easter Sunday Parade while publicly smoking cigarettes as symbolic torches of freedom. This was a significant moment for fighting social barriers for women.

Smoking cigarettes initiated the challenge of social norms and the fight for the same equal rights as men. Eventually, for women, cigarettes came to symbolize rebellious independence and glamour.

Many women now smoke, including influential celebrities who openly appreciate the freedom to explore some of the best cigar blends on the market.

Women who smoke cigars

If asked to think of a cigar-smoking icon, you’d likely picture a man. Maybe Arnold Schwarzenegger or historical figure Sir Winston Churchill come to mind. Thankfully, the landscape of cigar culture is evolving thanks to numerous female cigar enthusiasts making their mark in the industry.  

Iconic celebrity figures like Rihanna, Beyoncé, and Whoopi Goldberg are all cigar enthusiasts, reshaping perceptions and challenging stereotypes. Their passion for cigars goes beyond gender norms, showcasing diversity and inclusivity in the cigar world.  

If you know a woman who enjoys smoking cigars with an upcoming birthday or celebration, we’ve got a fantastic portfolio of cigars for women you can treat them to.

The best gift cigars for women

A gift cigar is a memorable present that offers a new experience of discovering some of the world’s premium tobacco blends.

Whether she’s unwinding after a long day or celebrating a special occasion, a carefully chosen stogie offers her a moment of luxury and appreciation.

If you choose a cigar as a gift, it’s important to recognize personal taste preferences. Whether she enjoys a bold Maduro, elegant Connecticut blend, or exotic flavor infusions, there are many options to explore. We’ve picked out some of the best ones available at Casa De Montecristo.

Southern Draw Rose of Sharon

Country of Origin: Nicaragua

Wrapper Type: Ecuador Connecticut Sun Grown

Binder: Nicaragua

Filler: Nicaragua

Strength: Mellow - Medium

Sizes Available: 7 × 48

These box-pressed beauties deliver a vibrant and complex mellow-to-medium bodied smoke. Expect a gorgeous light-tan Connecticut-seed wrapper grown in Ecuador. Concealed inside the wrapper are long fillers from Nicaragua, as well as a Nicaraguan binder. Every puff delivers smooth flavors of rich roasted nuts, luscious caramel, leather, a touch of cedar, and a subtle hint of spice.

This mellow-bodied cigar is an excellent introduction to cigar smoking and is designed to captivate the senses and ignite a passion for cigars.

Crowned Heads Mother Church

Country of Origin: Nicaragua

Wrapper Type: Ecuadorian Corojo

Binder: Connecticut Broadleaf

Filler: Nicaragua

Strength: Medium - Full

Sizes Available: 7 × 48

These gems are a great choice for your lady. Hand rolled into a popular 7 x 48 size featuring stunning Nicaraguan filler tobaccos, these cigars boast a hearty Connecticut Broadleaf binder and a robust flavor profile. Once lit, expect delightful notes of roasted nuts, cocoa, cedar, baking spice, leather, and pepper, complemented by a hint of tobacco sweetness with every draw.

Whether she’s an aficionado or new to smoking, gifting her a handcrafted cigar such as this suggests you acknowledge her appreciation for taste. The vibrant and complex blends are mellowed by subtly sweet hints, making it the perfect gift cigar for women. No matter the occasion, there’s a cigar to suit every palate at Casa De Montecristo.

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