How to Hire a Cigar Bar at Your Wedding

Cigars have a long-standing tradition of lighting up special occasions. Weddings are one of those joyous events. From the magical walk down the aisle to clinking glasses after a wedding toast, weddings leave us with memories to last a lifetime. However, modern weddings are becoming extravagant, with couples increasingly putting their own twist on nuptials. 

Wedding receptions are more than the mingling of family and friends over dinner, drinks, and dancing. The bride and groom find innovative ways to entertain their guests, bridesmaids, and groomsmen. Think Instagram-winning photo booths, beer buses, or gourmet street food trucks that offer late-night munching.

For cigar lovers, perhaps you’d consider hiring a cigar bar for your wedding reception? Combining a touch of old-school class with a sense of luxury and flamboyance can add the wow factor to your big day. Here’s everything you need to know to hire a wedding cigar bar so you can bring an elegant and exceptional experience to your guests.

Do wedding venues allow cigar bars?

Before considering the cost and logistics of having a cigar bar at your wedding, you need to check if your venue is okay with it. Some venues prohibit smoking anywhere on their premises.

If you get the go-ahead to set up a cigar bar at your wedding, you’ll need to ask some important questions. These include finding out where your guests can smoke and where you need to dispose of ashes and butts. Once you’ve gathered an overview of the venue’s smoking policy, it’s imperative you get it all in writing. This protects you from any fees the venue may try to sneak into your bill.

How much is cigar bar rental for a wedding?

Once you and your venue have reached an agreement, you’ll need to think about budget. Weddings are usually an expensive celebration, with the average cost in 2024 hitting $33,000.

The cost of a wedding cigar bar will depend on several factors. These include the number of guests, the selection of cigars on offer, and whether you decide to venture down the professional or DIY route.

Setting up your own cigar bar will generally be cheaper, unless you decide to stock it with a wealth of ultra-expensive sticks. Bringing in a professional wedding cigar bar service will be more costly, but it can take the experience to a new level.

A knowledgeable cigar connoisseur will be on hand to help your guests choose the perfect stogie based on their experience level. This includes factoring in favorite aromas and flavors, and whether they prefer mellow, medium, or full-bodied cigars. Some services even include a professional roller so guests can marvel at the art of cigar rolling right before their eyes.

How many cigars do I need for my wedding cigar bar?

Again, this depends on your budget. Not all your guests will smoke, but some may still take a cigar home for a friend or loved one. We suggest stocking your wedding bar with a slightly bigger ratio of guests to cigars. For weddings of 100 to 150 guests, 100 sticks should suffice.

If you’re pulling in the services of a mobile cigar bar for your wedding, they can advise on a suitable amount of cigars. They will also help you curate a suitable selection of smokes to offer your guests.

Where should I set up the cigar bar at my wedding?

Speak to your venue about where they recommend you position your wedding cigar bar. Ideally, it needs to be in a visible location so it’s not lost to the main event, and everyone can see it. Of course, not all your guests will love the idea. Some people are sensitive to smoke or have no interest in cigars. However, the exhibition of watching cigars being rolled is appealing to everyone.  

Ideally, you want your cigar bar in a semi-secluded space. It should be away from venue doors and any children-friendly areas. If you are planning an outdoor wedding, find a spot away from direct sunlight and sheltered from the wind, as these elements will interfere with the cigar’s burn. 

Where to smoke cigars at a wedding

Even if the cigar bar at your wedding will be indoors, you’ll need to pinpoint a designated smoking area so guests inside won’t be irritated by the smoke. If your venue has a covered patio, this could be the optimum spot for guests to relax, chat, and smoke away from the dance floor.  

If you elect to go with a cigar bar rental for your wedding, ask how many people they provide. The dream is to have a cigar roller and a cigar connoisseur. While the roller has the task of mesmerizing your guests, the cigar connoisseur can direct guests to the smoking area. 

They can also answer questions about the type of tobacco and cigars, as well as provide guidance on pairing them with beverages to elevate the experience further.

When to smoke cigars at your wedding

Open your wedding cigar bar up after dinner to ensure your day has flow and guests can relax and enjoy a cigar at a leisurely pace. Many of your guests will likely lack cigar experience, so smoking on a full stomach will also help with preventing cigar sickness from marring the day.

Handing out stogies during the drinks reception or dinner isn’t wise. People greet friends and family during this time, take pictures, and fill their bellies. Be patient and wait for the cake cutting and wedding toasts to finish and the dancefloor to open up. 

That way, guests can relax and contemplate the day with a glorious, handmade premium cigar without fear of missing out on the top moments that can’t be repeated.

Wedding cigar bar ideas and tips

Use these tips to enhance your guests’ overall experience. Even the most novice smoker can leave with a burning desire for this beloved pastime.

· Customize your wedding cigar bar so it complements your décor and theme.

· Fully stock your bar with a wide variety of blends, flavors, and sizes, so all your guests can easily find a stick they’ll like.

· Avoid cigars that are too big. Some guests may not be willing to commit to a long smoke time that keeps them away from the main action for a considerable period.

· Consider personalizing each cigar with your wedding theme colors, dates, and names to provide a memorable wedding favor or keepsake.

· Put up signs for your guests explaining the available choices, including each cigar’s specification and flavor profile they can expect.

· Make bags available for guests who would prefer to take their cigars home to enjoy.

· Don’t forget the essential cigar accessories like cigar ashtrays, cutters, and lighters. If necessary, include information on how to use these tools.

· Think about how you can keep your guests entertained in-between draws. Not every smoker wants to smoke and chat — some will get restless. Try setting up a lawn game of Giant Jenga or leave packs of playing cards or board games lying around to keep the party going.

· Elevate your cigar wedding bar into a classy smokehouse experience by pairing your cigars with a signature cocktail.

Make your wedding day memorable

Hiring a cigar bar for your wedding reception will add flair, pizzazz, sophistication, and uniqueness to your special day. Sharing the joy of a top-class cigar for an hour or so with your family and friends will also give you a moment to pause, reflect, and appreciate these priceless moments.

Bring your cigar wedding bar vision to life and turn this one-in-a-day lifetime celebration into something extraordinary.

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